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MATLAB & Simulink Internship Program

30 Days Training on MATLAB & Simulink with Aircraft performance and stability

An Engineering Approach for students that introduces flight performance analysis techniques that enables to determine performance and flight capabilities of aircraft.

We provide learning on analyzing the motion, mission, and environment of aerospace vehicles. It includes aerospace math operations, coordinate systems, and spatial transformations.

Training Date Period - 01.03.2023 to 31.03.2023
Time Period -18:30 to 20:00 (6:30pm to 8:00pm)
Registration open from - 11.02.2023


​Understanding use of Matlab and Simulink & using it to solve real-life problems


  • MATLAB basic functions and operations

  • Matrices and vectors calculation

  • Arrays calculation

  • Fundamental mathematical equation

  • Calculation (ode, laplace, fourier)

  • Data visualization (Plots 2D 3D)

  • Conditional statements

  • Loops

  • Programming

  • Creating gui (graphic user interface) using matlab

  • Project


  • Introduction to Simulink

  • Fundamental operations in Simulink

  • Solving Equations through Simulink (ode,laplace,fourier)

  • Conditional statements, logic statements

  • Mathematical model examples.

  • Project


  • Get connected with professionals (Industrial Exposure).

  • Assistance of getting internship, Job in private and public sectors.

Topics to be covered -MATLAB

  • MATLAB and GUI Introduction

  • Arrays and Array Manipulation

  • Plot basics and methods

  • Function file handling

  • Control statements in MATLAB

Study and research-based Task

  • Aerodynamic forces evaluation

  • Thrust available and thrust required concept and programming

  • ROC of an aircraft

  • Take off performance of an aircraft

  • V-N diagram


  • For Mechanical & Aeronautical department students.

  • (1st to 4th year, Engineers and Job seekers). 

  • Assistance of getting internship, Job. 

  • Placement Guidance and company profiles. 

Course Plan - 30 days

  • 10 days - Online Software Training

  • 10 days - Industrial Problem Statement (Final Task).

  • 10 days - Practice Modules of MATLAB for the Students enrolled

For Enrolled Students

  • Recorded videos of live sessions. 

  • Placement Guidance and company profiles. 

  • Course Completion Certificate. 


  • For College and school students.

  • Assistance of getting internship, Job.

  • Guidance To setup your own startup company

  • Placement Guidance and company profiles.

For Enrolled Students

  • Get connected with professionals (industry exposure).

  • Recorded videos of live sessions.

  • Placement Guidance and company profiles.

  • Course Completion Certificate.

For Enrolled Students

  • Internship Completion Certificate

  • Letter Of Recommendation

  • Opportunity to work as an Associate Intern in Pegasus Aerospace with Stipend

  • Company details related catalogue to their course for Jobs


Abhishek A, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham

I was initially a novice when it came to coding in MATLAB. But this program indeed helped me ameliorate my skills. Special thanks to Noble Sir for the sessions handled. He handled in such a way that your eyes will remain glued to your screen.

R. K. GUPTA, Madras Institute Of Technology, Anna University

Very useful for knowledge gaining. Able to learn more new concepts and easy to understand about matlab. Good staff and had more patience in making everyone understand the concept

Devansh Srivastava, Chandigarh University

I was satisfied with the training , and Elbon sir had taught us everything very well from the basics including the theory also , overall i had a good experience and the sessions were very interactive too.

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Limited Seats Only (25-30 students per batch)
Registration Fees - ₹999 per student
For International Students - $20  (via PayPal)
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