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Research & Development Projects

Composite Material

Pegasus Aerospace System is working on high temperature materials for space re-entry launch vehicles. A better future prospect for higher temperatures is tungsten; however, there is today rather little metallurgical work being done on tungsten, and no effort toward alleviating such problems as its affinity for oxygen. Another excellent prospect for high-temperature use is carbon, possessing a host of attractive properties. But structural use of carbon will be severely restricted by its brittle behavior and the need for protection against oxidation and hydrogenation problems on which little research is going on at Pegasus.  


Rarefied Aerodynamics

Pegasus is working on to provide an affordable thing to use for space crafts in future. Rarefied aerodynamics are widely applied in the determination of aerodynamic heating during the landing of orbital craft and for low-flying earth satellites, for the calculation of the thermal conditions of instrument transducers of rockets that are exploring the upper layers of the atmosphere. 


Collision Avoidance

Pegasus Aerospace System involves in space and satellite debris collision avoidance. The aerodynamic drag on small satellites in Low Earth orbit can be used to change orbits slightly to avoid debris collisions by changing the surface area exposed to atmospheric drag, alternating between low-drag and high-drag configurations to control deceleration. 

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