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Aerospace/Aeronautical Internship 

Open For all engineering enthusiast to upskill the process of engineering and ready to delve into details in a particular area of interest!!!

Pegasus aerospace system has come up with 45 Days Virtual Internship Program on Aeronautical Domain.

For engineering aspirants to learn the application of aeronautical sector along with industrial case studies.

This Internship is to Focus on aspects of Project Execution, Research Work and Software skill development

Interns will get an opportunity to upskill their Software Skills, Fundamentals Concepts and will also be working on the entitled Topics.

Training Period - 30 -45 Days
Time Period -18:30 to 20:00 (6:30pm to 8:00pm)
Registration open from -22-12-2023
Domain Selection

Aerodynamics & CFD

  • Basic fluid dynamics equations

  • Governing Equations for CFD – Fundamentals

  • The continuity equation, momentum equation, energy equation

  • k-E Two-equation turbulence model

  • simple gas dynamic problem

Materials & UAV 

  • ROC of an aircraft 

  • Take off performance of an aircraft

  • V-N diagram

  • Boundary Layer Equations and Methods of Solution

  • Grids around multi bodies

Propulsion & Thermal

  • Thruster Configurations and Technology

  • Design Criteria, Performance

  • Heat Source Development, Radioisotope Fuel

  • Pressure correction equation (both incompressible and compressible forms)

CFD Techniques

  • Discretization of governing equation

  • Finite-difference method, Finite-volume method

  • Numerical solutions to algebraic equations

  • Direct and iterative method

Solution Analysis

  • Consistency

  • Stability

  • Convergence

  • Accuracy

  • Efficiency

R&D Problem Statements

  • Stability of solution 

  • Explicit methods

  • Alternative Propulsion Technologies

  • Integrated Thermal Management Systems

  • Structural Design Optimization

Industrial Applications

  • CAD/CAM-Design and Prototyping

    Simulation and Modeling-CFD & FEA 

  • Robotics and Automation:

  • Internet of Things (IoT)

  • 3D Printing



  • Flow in a step-based scramjet combustor.

  • Thermal characteristics of solid fuel used in hybrid rocket motor.

  • Effect of Strut on Flow Separation.


  • Turbine Film Cooling Characteristics

  • Elliptical Nozzle for Jet Control

  • Elliptical Exit Chevron Nozzle

  • Complete FE Solution.


  • Hypersonic cone derived wave rider.

  • Investigation on Post Indentation Behaviour.

  • Resistance of repaired curved composite.

  • Oblique Indentation behavior.

Software’s to be used

  • CATIA V5


  • FUSION 360






For Enrolled Students

  • E-Certificate

  • Internship Completion Certificate

  • Letter Of Recommendation

  • Opportunity to work as an Associate Intern in Pegasus Aerospace with Stipend

  • Company details related catalogue to their course for Jobs

  • Recorded videos of live sessions.

  • Get connected with professionals (industry exposure).


  • For Mechanical & Aeronautical department students.

  • (1st to 4th year, Engineers and Job seekers). 

  • Assistance of getting internship, Job. 

  • Placement Guidance and company profiles. 

As per Selection of Domain Softwares will Differ.

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Limited Seats Only (25-30 students per batch)
Registration Fees - ₹1199 per student or ₹3500 per team (max 4 members)
For International Students - $20  (via PayPal)
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Abhishek A, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham

I was initially a novice when it came to coding in MATLAB. But this program indeed helped me ameliorate my skills. Special thanks to Noble Sir for the sessions handled. He handled in such a way that your eyes will remain glued to your screen.

R. K. GUPTA, Madras Institute Of Technology, Anna University

Very useful for knowledge gaining. Able to learn more new concepts and easy to understand about matlab. Good staff and had more patience in making everyone understand the concept

Devansh Srivastava, Chandigarh University

I was satisfied with the training , and Elbon sir had taught us everything very well from the basics including the theory also , overall i had a good experience and the sessions were very interactive too.

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