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Advanced Industrial Aerodynamics

Pegasus Aerospace system is Coming up with 30 Days Online Training and Internship Training

Young Aspirants, Budding Engineers and Professionals One Time Opportunity Learn about Advanced Technology Towards Space Technology

Eligibility - All Stream (College and School Students)

1st Year student / 2nd Year student / 3rd Year student / 4th Year student / Passed Out student / Freshers / Job seekers

Training Date Period - 08.04.2023 to 07.05.2023
Time Period -18:30 to 20:00 (6:30pm to 8:00pm)
Registration open from - 22.03.2023
Topics to be Covered


  • Aerodynamic forces and moments- (Governing Equation)

  • Stream function, Potential function

  • Method of characteristics

  • Crocco's Theorem

  • Boundary Layer theory

  • Blasius solution

  • Skin friction drag estimation.

  • Shock wave-boundary layer interactions.

  • Compressible and Incompressible Flow


  • Aerodynamic Heating

  • Reference temperature method

  • entropy effects

  • wept shock interactions

  • Application of methodology in practical design

  • Prediction of component characteristics

  • Drag reduction methods


  • shock wave and expansion wave relations of inviscid hypersonic flows

  • velocity vs altitude map for vehicles

  • Surface Inclination method

  • shock expansion methods-Calculation

  • Viscous Interaction and transition

  • Aerodynamics of slender and blunt bodies

  • Asymmetric flow separation

  • vortex shedding-unsteady flow characteristics of launch vehicles

  • Stability and control


  • CATIA V5


  • Fusion 360

  • Solidworks

  • MATLAB- (Basic tools)

(Software Level-Basics, Intermediate and Advanced) ….

CFD (Aerospace)

  • Basic fluid dynamics equations

  • Equations in general orthogonal coordinate system

  • Body fitted coordinate systems

  • mathematical properties of fluid dynamic equations

  • grid generation

  • Time Dependent Method

  • Finite Volume Method

  • CFD for Industrial Application.

Building and Vehicular Aerodynamics

  • Introduction to aerodynamics

  • Aerodynamic forces and moments

  • External Aerodynamic applications on buildings

  • Internal Aerodynamic applications on buildings

  • Aero elastic effect on structures

  • Hydrodynamics and turbines

  • External Aerodynamic applications on vehicles

  • IC Engine Aerodynamics

  • HVAC Aerodynamics

  • Wind turbine aerodynamics

Research Based Task (Interns)-Project

  • Aerodynamics and Aerothermal Heating for a Hypersonic Vehicle

  • Vehicle Aerodynamics Performance under different case studies

  • Elliptical Nozzle for Jet Control

  • Film Cooling for Gas Turbine

Training & Internship

  • Skill Development Training

  • Internship

  • Research Work on Industrial problem Statement

For Enrolled Students

  • Recorded videos of live sessions.

  • Placement Guidance and company profiles.

  • Internship Certificate.

  • Letter of Recommendation (Condition Applied)


  • Get connected with professionals (Industrial Exposure).

  • Assistance of getting internship, Job in private and public sectors


Platform - Microsoft Teams

Mode & Perks

  • For College and school students.

  • Assistance of getting internship, Job.

  • Guidance To setup your own startup company

  • Placement Guidance and company profiles.

For Enrolled Students

  • Get connected with professionals (industry exposure).

  • Recorded videos of live sessions.

  • Experience of Research

  • E-Certificate

  • Internship Completion Certificate

  • Letter Of Recommendation

  • Opportunity to work as an Associate Intern in Pegasus Aerospace with Stipend

  • Company details related catalogue to their course for Jobs.


  • For Mechanical & Aeronautical department students.

  • (1st to 4th year, Engineers and Job seekers). 

  • Assistance of getting internship, Job. 

  • Placement Guidance and company profiles. 

Limited Seats Only (25-30 students per batch)
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Registration Fees - ₹1199 per student
For International Students - $25  (via PayPal)
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