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Boeing is ready to move F-18 production to India with conditions.

Boeing that is planning to close down the production line of its F- 18 E/F Superhornet facility in St. Louis by 2025 and is willing to move it to India if the Indian Navy agrees to procure the originally intended order of 57 jets under Multirole Carrier Borne Fighters (MRCBF) tender instead of the reduced number of 26 jets.

Navy chief, Admiral Hari Kumar recently said that both the F-18 and the Rafale fighter are being found acceptable by the Indian Navy for the indigenous aircraft carrier INS Vikrant, the Navy is looking to see how much 'commonality' there will be vis-à-vis the Indian Air Force's Rafale.

Indian Navy had reduced numbers from 57 to 26 units in the MRCBF tender to support the upcoming indigenous Twin-engine deck-based fighter (TEDBF) program that will go into production from 2032 onwards to replace the Russian Mig-29K.

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