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Russia offers its RD-191 Rocket Engine to India

Russia's space agency said on Monday that it was in talks with India about supplying RD-191 rocket engines. Roscomos is looking to India as a new market because it is no longer able to export rocket engines to the United States.

The RD-191 kerosene/liquid oxygen engines are used in Russia's Angara rocket boosters. The RD-181 engine is currently used to power the first stage of Northrop Grumman's Antares launch vehicle which after the Ukraine war sanctions has meant export to the United States has collapsed.

India's state-owned Liquid Propulsion Systems Centre of Indian Space Research Organisation, since 2009 has been working on developing SCE- 200 (Semi-Cryogenic Engine-200) which is a 2 MN thrust class liquid rocket engine that it plans to develop has a slightly lower thrust vacuum than RD-191 (2.09MN) to be used for Heavy-lift Launch Vehicles (HLV) program.

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