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INS Vikrant Flight Trials to be completed by June

The first landing and takeoff from India's first aircraft carrier, INS Vikrant, by both LCA-Navy and Mig-29K has begun flight trials from the aircraft carrier, which will last until late May or early June, according to media reports.

After these trials are completed, the aircraft carrier will be fully operational by May-June 2023. Flight trials are the final stage of user trials on the INS Vikrant, following which the 45,000-tonne aircraft carrier will be cleared for operational patrolling.

According to officials, the air wing of INS Vikrant will be able to carry 30 MIG-29K fighter jets. The Indian Navy intends to purchase 26 Rafale or F-18 Super Hornet aircraft to supplement the 40 Mig- 29Ks currently in service.

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