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Skill Development Training

Pegasus have initiated Skill Development Training Programs for Engineers and Industrial Aspirants.

We aim to inspire the next generation of people for development of skills to strengthen the engineering ecosystem.


Introduction to CFD using OpenFoam

Pegasus aerospace system has come up with its new initiative to learn the experience with OpenFoam Tool in context of mechanical and aerospace engineering.


This learning process will start with basics of CFD  to advanced concept related to computation, visualization of aerospace application using OpenFoam Software tool

Skill Development and Training on Rocket Propulsion System

The Rocket Propulsion Internship Initiative is a program or initiative focused on providing opportunities for students or aspiring professionals to gain practical experience and knowledge in the field of rocket propulsion.

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Aircraft Performance & Stability with MATLAB

An Engineering Approach for students that introduces flight performance analysis techniques that enables to determine performance and flight capabilities of aircraft.

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