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Vikram-S launch Highlight | Skyroot aces maiden launch of India's first privately made rocket

Skyroot Aerospace launched India's first privately made rocket, Vikram-S on a suborbital flight. The launch vehicle lifted-off with three payloads from the sounding rocket complex at the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota.

Skyroot Aerospace, a tech startup based out of Telangana, is set to create history as it launches India's first privately made rocket to space. The Vikram-S mission will launch with three customer payloads to an altitude of 120 kilometers above the surface of Earth in what is a demonstration mission.

The Vikram-S launch is aimed at testing and validating the system, designs, and technology of orbital-class launch vehicles, including several sub-systems and technologies. The testing phase will include the pre-lift-off, lift-off, ascent, and deployment phase of the satellites.

The spacecraft is carrying three payloads developed by SpaceKidz India, Bazoomq Armenia, and N-Space Tech India. The Vikram-S rocket has been developed in a span of two years and is powered by solid-fuelled propulsion, advanced avionics, and a carbon-fiber core structure. The thrusters are 3D printed for better spin stability and the mission will test 80 per cent of technologies to be used in the full Vikram variants.

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