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Introduction to CFD using OpenFoam

Pegasus aerospace system has come up with its new initiative to learn the experience with OpenFoam Tool in context of mechanical and aerospace engineering.


This learning process will start with basics of CFD  to advanced concept related to computation, visualization of aerospace application using OpenFoam Software tool

Eligibility - All Stream (College and School Students)

1st Year student / 2nd Year student / 3rd Year student / 4th Year student / Passed Out student / Freshers / Job seekers

Weekend Training Sessions from 
05th July  2023 - Saturday & Sunday
Time Period -18:30 to 20:00 (6:30pm to 8:00pm)
Registration Open Now!!
Topics to be Covered

Application Oriented 

  • Basics of turbulence

  • The k-epsilon model

  • The k-omega model

  • The k-omega SST model

  • Wall modeling and wall functions

  • Creating a turbulence model

Simulation Setup

  • Structure of simulations / OpenFOAM cases

  • Preprocessing / PostProcessing Tools in OpenFOAM

  • Visualization with Paraview

Net Generation

  • blockMesh – Generation of Block Structured Grids

  • Parameterization of block-structured grids using *.m4 script

  • Geometry import / creation of STL files

Solver Settings

  • Finite volume schemes

  • Scheme orders and stability

  • Application of different schemes for time and space interpolation

  • Solver tweaking

  • Pressure correction methods

Simulation Setup

  • Initial and boundary conditions

  • Turbulence modelling (RANS/LES/DES)

  • HPC / Cloud

  • Postprocessing in Paraview / Animations

  • Basic features of complex simulations:

    • Free water surface

    • mesh refinement

    • external aerodynamics

    • heat transfer

    • etc.

  • Control/automation of simulations by means of python


  • Application of the OpenFOAM Tools e.g. postprocess

  • Creation of functionObjects

  • Programming of own evaluation procedures / tools

  • Participants will be exposed to fundamentals of developing CFD code in the framework provided by the open-source CFD toolbox.

  • Idealization to the modern trends and standard practices followed in the industry right now.

  • The training addresses the need to ascend the steep OpenFOAM learning

For Enrolled Students

  • E-Certificate

  • Completion Certificate

  • Letter Of Recommendation

  • Opportunity to work as an Associate Intern in Pegasus Aerospace with Stipend

  • Company details related catalogue to their course for Jobs

  • Recorded videos of live sessions.

  • Get connected with professionals (industry exposure).


  • For Mechanical & Aeronautical department students.

  • (1st to 4th year, Engineers and Job seekers). 

  • Assistance of getting internship, Job. 

  • Placement Guidance and company profiles. 

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Limited Seats Only (25-30 students per batch)
Registration Fees - ₹1500 per student
For International Students - $25  (via PayPal)
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